Welcome to Hana Aparment Hotel Bacninh!

Hana Apartment Hotel is a system that includes 2 apartment hotels and located in Hudland new urban area, centre of bacninh city. This area is known as a small Korean town with a high density of foreign population who are working and living there.
Stick with the vision that built luxury and modern hotels, but also have good environment around. Therefore, the location of both hotels were selected nearby 2 big parks in order to bring our valued guests not only the comfortable staying, but fresh atmosphere for working also.
In each apartment of our Hana Apartment Hotel, there is a small kitchen area with the purpose is to give our guests who stay in the long-term a good condition of cooking themselves, they can use our kitchen to cook every meal by their own ways.
Hana Aparment Hotel  Bacninh – Apartment & Hotel for Business trip in Bac Ninh city!



"Nơi ở thoáng mát sạch sẽ nhân viên từ lễ tân tới phục vụ rất chu đáo và nhiệt tình..." - Mướp

"잠자리가 편하고 직원분이 매우 친절함" - Mr. Bonghoon - Business

"직원분이 매우 친절하고 시설도 매우 청결하며 호텔이 주거 지역이여서 조용하여 매우 좋았음...." - Mr. KOKO - Business

"The hotel is very new and clean, making my stay comfortable..." - Mr. Jamie Business

"직원 한국말 대화가능.앞에 공원이 있어 운동하기 좋다.주변에 한국음식점 많다.한국인이 숙박하기에는 딱인거 같"- Mr. dongcheol lee